A Wrong online biennale pavilion  from 1.11.2017 to 31.1.2018

The theme given to the invited artists: "Postinternet.art" -the domain name of the exhibition.

..Postinternet denotes an idea in arts and criticism that refers to society and modes of interaction following the widespread adoption of the internet.. Wikipedia

Curated by Juha van Ingen & Jarkko Räsänen in collaboration with FISH Gallery / FixC cooperative
contact: info (at) postinternet.art

Shahin Afrassiabi

Anne Horel

Natasha Angashanova

Kristina Sedlerova

Karin Ferrari

Ville Kallio

Cordula Ditz

Bernhard Gustav

Anastasia Mikhaylova

Gretta Louw

The Wrong Biennale